Pass On Family Heritage


album_edited-1How can you share the gift of your family heritage?

With playdates, work schedules and families spread across the country it is difficult to pass on family stories the way we once did.

So many of us wind up with shoeboxes full of precious photos and no one remembers who is in them, much less the stories behind them.  A MemoryShare Video is a wonderful way to preserve and share family heritage.

                            This is what one of our clients did:

Ron had no idea what to give his father Ron Sr. for his birthday.  But Ron’s dad loved reminiscing about the “old days” and his childhood in a Pennsylvania mining town. So Ron came up with a few questions for his dad and got him to record the answers. They paged through old photos and had a great afternoon together.  Then we turned that wonderful experience into a video.  

Ron’s Dad was so pleased that the past wouldn’t be forgotten that he decided to add more stories to the video.  Since you don’t need a computer or smartphone to use Memoryshare Ron Sr. can do it all by himself!