Kids Time Capsules


little girlHow can I capture my child’s personality?

In 1963 documentary film maker Michael Apted began  the 7 Up film series. He interviewed a group of children every 7 years beginning at the age of 7 and asked them about their hopes and dreams for the future.  The result is fascinating.

Why not do something like that with your child? Use MemoryShare to create Time Capsule Videos then post them to social media and share.  There is nothing as precious as the voice of your child.

This is what one of our client’s did:

Catherine loves family traditions and this is one she started.  Each year on her daughter’s first day of school they take a picture together.  Catherine asks Ella the same three questions each year and records the answers.  Then Ella draws a picture that illustrates what each answer means to her and Catherine scans it and sends it to us.  We turn it all into a video along with some of their photos from the past year.  They have been doing this for a couple of years now and Ella just loves watching the “Ella Show”!