A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words: Old family photos are priceless. Part 3 of 3


Now that you have spent the time recording your family stories and looking through the photos you realize they should be shared. But how?

Turn them into a Talking Memoir video by selecting images that illustrate the stories and send them to Yesteryear Studios to be transformed!

The idea is to select photos that illustrate the stories you have recorded. The problem is which ones should you include? We have a few ideas that should help.

The 3 main things to think about when selecting Talking Memoir photos are:
1. Who is the story about?
2. What is the time frame of the story?
3. What is the topic of the story?

So if the story is about how your grandmother celebrated her birthday as a child, start by trying to find photos of your grandmother. Next, narrow it down to photos of her taken as a child. Finally, if there are birthday pictures, that it the best!

Generally speaking, more photos make a video more interesting. So if there is only one birthday picture, include additional photos of your grandmother as a child. Don’t forget to ask your relatives if they have any photos.

What if there are no photos of Grandmother?

Maybe there is an object that belonged to her that you could take a photo of to represent her. We can also help by using stock images to fill out the visuals. For example, using a picture of a birthday cake or candles or vintage photos of her home town. Try to find at least 1 image that is unique to your family member. We’ll take it from there.

I’ve selected my photos, now what?

1. Assemble the images you have chosen in the approximate order you think makes sense for your stories, with the cover photo first.
2. Wipe any dust from your photos with a lint-free cloth.
3. Use a flatbed scanner to scan the photos as a jpeg file.
4. Attach the images to an email in the order you think makes the most sense based on your story. Your editor will creatively use the photos, so you don’t have to be perfect. This helps us understand the images without you having to label them for us.

Email your recordings and photos to orders@yesteryear-studios.com. Be sure to type your project number in the subject line.

Don’t have a project number? Call 352-257-8077 or email info@yesteryear-studios.com for more information.

We’ll take it from there!

Have a wonderful holiday, make it memorable!