Alzheimers & Dementia


alz ribbonWhat is the best gift can you give to a loved one with Alzhermer’s Disease or Dementia?

Research shows that residents of Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities get better care when their Caregivers know their story. Unfortunately, families often write pages of background information that are slipped into a file and never read.  A MemoryShare video makes it easy to share the special qualities of your loved one with the people who care for them on a daily basis.

This is what one of our client’s did:

grandmotherpuzzle_edited-1Susan’s mother Doris had dementia. Doris’ needs became too great to be cared for at home and Susan realized it was necessary to place her mother in an Assisted Living Facility.  Susan asked each of her brothers and sisters to share a special memory about a specific time in their mother’s life.  Susan’s sister spoke about their grandparent’s and their mother’s childhood in Cleveland Ohio.  Her brother recalled how their parent’s met at the University of Buffalo. Susan reminisced about the family dog Jake and the fabulous birthday parties their mom threw for them as kids.  We turned them into a video that was played for the staff when Doris moved into the residence, and the residence decided to play it for the whole community as a way of introducing Doris to everyone. Everyone clapped at the end and Doris loved the attention!

A few interesting things happened:

  • The staff realized Doris was a smart, creative and much loved woman, not just a little old lady in a rocking chair. In fact, one of the Aides was from the same town that Doris grew up in and they developed a special bond.
  • Doris herself loved the video. Because the video tells stories from long ago Doris could still remember and it helped to calm her when she was having a bad day.
  • Sadly, Doris passed recently.  Susan decided to play the video at her mother’s wake when the whole family was together.  That sparked an evening of storytelling that turned the service into a true celebration of Doris’ wonderful life.